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    2. Senate Room


      LAU with flowers

      Principal Officers

      Principal Officers are Chancellor, Pro-Chancellor,?Chairman & Deputy?Chairman of the Council,?Treasurer, and the President of the University.

      Books in Library

      The Council

      The Council is the supreme governing body of CityU.??Our statutes set out the objects and powers of the University, and our ordinance provides for the establishment of CityU and for matters connected therewith.

      Court Meeting

      The Court

      The supreme advisory body of CityU.

      Senate Meeting


      Senate has the power to oversee and manage academic matters of the University, subject to the provisions of the Ordinance.

      Management Board

      Management Board

      The Management Board advises the President on matters relating to the development and management of the University and provides a major channel of communication between the senior management and the University community.

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