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          JobNet is an online platform facilitating companies to post their job vacancy information for free.?It aims to facilitate their recruitment process while offering job opportunities to CityU alumni.

          Free channels to promote job openings include:

          • Website of Alumni Relations Office
          • AlumExpress (a bi-weekly e-newsletter reaching CityU alumni)
          • Facebook

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          Job Opportunities

          The University provides useful career guidance for new graduates to assist in their career development by offering career consultation, workshops and professional psychological assessment.?Click here for details.

          Team members at our company are mainly graduates or interns from CityU. Not only do we have the same alma mater, some of us come from the same department and programme! This shared background enhances communication and efficiency. In addition, CityU graduates and students have a distinctive approach to their work. Our interns, for example, not only want to learn but to use what they have learnt to contribute back to the company. We all really enjoy this sense of togetherness. In fact, our office often seems to be an extension of the lab at CityU, another fond memory that connects us.

          Career opportunities posted on JobNet are advertised on request of external companies/organisations. For related enquiries, please contact the companies/organisations direct. The University does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information publicized by the external companies/organisations, and assumes no responsibility or liability regarding any recruitment process or the employment concerned.