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          We warmly thank all our supporters, alumni, donors and partners for appreciating our achievements and sharing our ambition to make the world a better place. Your generous contributions would enable CityU to pursue academic and research excellence, and provide students with resources to enhance their learning environment and enrich their university life.



          Impact of Giving

          You can make a difference by boosting the much-needed resources to create new opportunities for students and faculty alike, enhancing professional education on campus, facilitating further research work that address global issues, and supporting our innovative community projects for the betterment of society. All gifts we receive, large or small, really do have a positive impact.

          What to Support

          What to Support

          Regardless of size, your gift represents an invaluable investment in the future for the good of all. You may choose to give opportunities to talented students through various student support initiatives, such as scholarships, bursaries and awards; support our academic and research excellence by enabling us to become a leading global university; or contribute to the University’s general development, supporting learning, teaching and research through the expansion of resources.


          Ways of Giving

          There are a number of ways that you can show your support. You may make a direct donation via our online platform, or?through the CityU Foundation?which gathers support from individuals and organisations from different sectors of the community.?Alternatively, you may?support our development through the CityU Industrial and Business Leaders Circle, a platform for strengthening communication with industry and business leaders.? Should you have any questions, please feel free to talk with us.?


          Recognition and Thanks

          We'd like to repeat our heartfelt thanks to our whole donor community, all alumni, friends, faculty and staff, for their invaluable contributions to the University.? Our educational and research work is greatly enhanced by your selfless generosity.

          Donor Community

          Whether you are?alumni, staff, or an industrial practitioner, be part of our donor community!

          Giving Stories

          winfred chan
          Mr Winfred Chan Hon-pun
          Director, Happy Brave Trading Co., Limited
          Board Member, CityU Foundation
          Doing ordinary deeds well

          Mr Chan?Hon-pun first came into contact with CityU in 2007 when attending a forum hosted by the University.

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          Chan Chun Tung
          Dr John Chan Chun-tung
          Chairman, Chaifa Holdings Limited
          Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Executive MBA, CityU
          Never giving up

          Education is vital to the future development of China, and access to resources is needed to ensure progress.

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          Herman Hu
          Dr Herman Hu Shao-ming, SBS, JP
          胡曉明博士, SBS, JP
          Chairman, Ryoden Development Limited
          Fully committed to achieving the best

          Dr Hu shared with CityU Today some of his experiences over the years.

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          Lau Ming Wai
          Mr Lau Ming-wai
          Chairman, Chinese Estates Holdings Limited
          Council Member, CityU
          Reward for effort

          When?Mr Lau Ming-wai launched the Hong Kong Spirit project, he visited CityU for the promotion and recruitment of ambassadors. CityU’s enthusiastic support for the project left a deep impression on him.

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          Lau Tat Chuen
          Mr Lau Tat-chuen
          Director, Sino International Industrial Limited
          Member, Steering Committee, CityU Industrial and Business Leaders Circle
          Belief in harmony

          Mr Lau Tat-chuen loves golf. He enjoys the challenges that the game presents, particularly how golfers should move on after playing a shot and not look back with regret.

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          Joseph Lee
          Dr Joseph Lee Chung-tak, GBS, OStJ, JP
          李宗德博士, GBS, OStJ, JP
          Chairman, Wofoo Plastics and Chemicals Group
          Court Member, CityU
          Nurturing talent for social advancement

          Dr Joseph Lee Chung-tak is committed to promoting sustainable development for society and nurturing the younger generation.

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          Contact Us

          For enquiries on donation matters:
          Tel: +852 3442-5306
          Fax: +852 3442-0119
          Email: do@cityu.edu.hk



          For enquiries on alumni and staff giving:
          Tel: +852 3442-5930 / 3442-2678
          Fax: +852 3442-0668
          Email: alumgiving@cityu.edu.hk?/?donation@cityu.edu.hk


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