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          University Requirement on Academic Honesty

          As part of the University's efforts to educate students about academic honesty, all CityU students are required to

          1. complete an online tutorial;
          2. take an online quiz; and
          3. fill out an online declaration

          in their first semester of enrollment, i.e.,

          • by 30 November for Semester A and summer admissions or
          • by 30 April for Semester B admissions.

          Students failing to complete the requirement by the deadline will not be able to access their course grades online*. To start with the online tutorial, please click the button below.

          Online tutorial on academic honesty

          Students can check whether they have fulfilled the requirement through
          AIMS ? Student Record ? My Status ? University Requirement on Academic Honesty

          *Students' online access to Grade Display (AIMS) will be restricted if they do not complete the requirement by the deadline. However, they can regain access upon completion of the requirement.