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          Support and Grants

          Research Support and Grants

          CityU sees research as one of the key pillars for becoming a leading university in the region. The University provides different resources and support, from world-class research facilities to administrative support on funding applications, to create an environment for researchers to achieve innovative and high-quality research.

          Research Grants

          Research Grants

          Each year the University earmarks a portion of its recurrent budget for research, which is placed at the disposal of the University's Research Committee. Research funding is also available from other external sources, including different funding schemes under the Research Grants Council (RGC), government departments, and other foundations or organisations. Other common sources of external research funds include sponsor from industrial or commercial organisations, and donations designated for research purposes.

          Outstanding Research Award Scheme

          Outstanding Research Award Scheme

          City University of Hong Kong aspires to become a leading global University, excelling in research and professional education. The objectives of the Outstanding Research Award Scheme (the Scheme) are:

          • to recognize and reward research excellence at CityU;
          • to emphasize the University’s commitment to create an environment conducive to high quality research at an internationally competitive level;
          • to enhance the University’s performance in the delivery of its research agenda.
          Research Integrity Policies and Guidelines

          Research Integrity Policies and Guidelines

          CityU values the importance of research integrity. All members of the University must observe the highest standards of integrity, professional conduct and ethics.?

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