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          Our students are exposed to a dynamic campus life where they explore their individual potential and collaborate with others in exciting new ventures. The global linkages that we have established offer our students the chance to study at prestigious institutions on excellent programmes with highly experienced faculty.


          Countries for Internship


          Total Amount of Scholarships Awarded


          Scholarships Recipients


          Hours of Service Learning Completed


          Grand Slam in USFHK Intercollegiate Sports – Overall Men’s Champion and Overall Women’s Champion in the Same Year


          Nationalities of Students in Student Residence


          Nationalities are Represented in the CityU Student Body


          Exchange Partners in 44 Countries/Regions Around the World?

          Multi-Dimensional Campus Experience

          Multi-Dimensional Campus Experience

          All work and no play, isn’t good for anybody.? CityU offers a whole host of out-of-study recreational activities to choose from, be it enjoying our many multicultural events, joining any of the numerous student societies, or working off excess energy through the a variety of sporting activities.

          Global Learning Experience

          Global Learning Experience

          With over 400 exchange partners in 44 countries and regions, explore the world with CityU’s many international opportunities. CityU encourages all students to gain valuable international experience by undertaking an exchange, joint degree or overseas learning experiences.?

          Career Development & Employability

          Career Development & Employability

          University is the most formative time of life and the very best time for nurturing personal qualities. CityU helps bring out the very best of each individual - helping them to attain personal and professional excellence, to cherish life-long learning, and to contribute to the society.

          Caring for You

          Caring for You

          Adapting to University life can be challenging for many, so to help students facing issues of adjustment, or indeed any problems at all, CityU has a team of experienced counsellors to ease students’ transition through this important stage of personal development.

          Student Facilities

          Student Facilities

          Everyone on campus has access to state-of-the-art facilities for both recreation and well-being.

          Living at CityU

          Living at CityU

          Living in the Student Residence is an invaluable university experience in enhancing one’s calibers such as independence, self-management and interpersonal skills. Our Residence Masters, Residence Tutors and students live together as a close-knitted community with enriched hall life full of joy and care. You will have a well-acclaimed platform and opportunities for self-development and meeting all kinds of people from many different cultures and nationalities.

          Central Repository on Student Development Activities (CRESDA)

          Central Repository on Student Development Activities (CRESDA)

          Universities offer a wealth of learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom. In the absence of suitable tools, students often find difficult to keep track of all their activities and the various skills that they develop. To address this need, CRESDA is developed to keep record of undergraduate student development activities in a mobile-friendly online central repository. It captures data that helps to provide a complete picture of students’ choices and preferences in personal development activities. The data collected is also used for big data analytics and strategic planning.

          Golden Key Club

          Golden Key Club

          The Golden Key Club is a platform for all scholarship recipients to strengthen your competitiveness and employability through mutual sharing of successful stories and exclusive opportunities in leadership training, professional development and social networking at CityU and in the community at large.

          Student Leaders Training and Workshops

          Student Leaders Training and Workshops

          Diversified training and workshops in programme planning, activity management, team-building and many more useful areas will equip all CityU student leaders with the necessary knowledge and skill set to excel in leadership roles in student organisations and societies.

          Student Stories

          Isaac Han
          Isaac Han Chun-lok
          Bachelor of Arts, major in English Studies
          Footloose the Musical: Joy of Music and Dance Under the Spotlight

          Have you ever imagined that you are dancing, singing and acting under the spotlight?

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          Johnny Lau
          Johnny Lau Chun-leung
          Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Applied Sociology
          CityU Swimming Team Trainer
          Never Give Up!

          Johnny Lau Chun-leung was awarded two sports scholarships this year, namely the Mr?Herman Hu Outstanding Sports Scholarships and the College of Liberal Arts and Social Science Sports Awards.

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          Elaine Ng
          Elaine Ng Yee-ling
          Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Marketing
          Effective communication at work brings success

          As a Student Ambassador alumna, Elaine strongly encourages CityU students to be proactive and enjoy various activities at the university.

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          Bruce Wyatt Placathose
          Bruce Wyatt Placathose
          Bachelor of Engineering, major in Mechanical Engineering
          Footloose the Musical: Shine Under the Spotlight

          Bruce Wyatt Placathose expressed that deep inside, he has always wanted to shine. As a Mauritian, dancing is like a second nature.

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          Gary Yeung
          Gary Yeung Ka-hei
          Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Quantitative Finance and Risk Management
          Be the big fish in the small pond!

          Gary said the Student Ambassador Programme taught him a lot about professionalism. ?It’s not only about personal grooming and presentation skills, but also our work attitude and the effort he has to put in preparing for every task assigned.

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          CityU places paramount importance on the safety and security of people and property.? Our security team, in cooperation with local law enforcement, maintains a round-the-clock vigil, day in day out, to ensure the well-being of staff, students and visitors.

          Support for Students with Special Education Needs

          Support for Students with Special Education Needs

          CityU is committed to providing an equal educational opportunity for all students, which means doing our best to provide appropriate arrangements for those with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

          Student Events

          Academic Seminar, Academics, Research, Student Life, Alumni
          Others, About CityU, Academics, Research, Student Life, Alumni, Giving
          Academic Seminar, About CityU, Academics, Research, Student Life, Alumni

          Visit CityU

          City University of Hong Kong welcomes you to our campus to meet our cheerful and diligent students, who are excited to share with you their unique university life at CityU.

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